Look of the Day 6.15.18 || Tourists For A Day

Hey hey hey!

Hey hey hey!

You guys.

Every now and then, God really shows out! Friday was one of those days where everything goes right. I could go on and on with a lengthy recap, but that's the beauty of a photo journal ;-) 

Join me and my good friend/photographer,  Josias, on our afternoon in the city as I highlight our stops from Chinatown to Tribeca to Soho. Once we found ourselves in front of the World Trade Center Memorial and Oculus Station I realized we were officially taking a tour of the city.

It may sound cheesy, but after all this time living here, it's still really nice doing touristy things in NYC from time to time. The city's just so beautiful, and there's so much to do and explore.

I'd love to get to know my readers better. Where are you from and what are your favorite things to do in your city? I could use some new places to add to my list haha 

Photo journal below. Enjoy!

Xoxo -Chels