17 Affirmations For Protection Over Your Family


17 Affirmations for protection over your family:

Lord I come to you in this moment laying my heart before you. Trusting you to handle it with care. Father, I trust that each and every thing I’m believing for is making its way towards a breakthrough for (name of loved one(s)). That we will look back with tears of joy celebrating the goodness of your faithfulness, protection, and favor over their life.

Before we get started, family related issues can be hardest on us mentally and emotionally. Let’s take the time to clear our minds so we can move forward with clarity of thought.

Breathe in the good. Visualize the highest grandest most beautiful vision you have for that person. See them at their best. Now, breathe out the bad. Whatever it is that keeps you up at night. That’s brought you to tears. Whatever it is that they’re struggling with or are in need of a breakthrough from. Breathe it all away. (Repeat x3)

1. I speak life into each and every member of my family

2. Our family is blessed and highly favored

3. We are whole, healthy, and walking in the fullness of our purposes

4. We have healthy, strong, loving, relationships

5. We look out for one another

6. We encourage one another

7. We build each other up, not tear each other down

8. We are a family that is thoughtful with the words that come from our mouths

9. Regardless of what things may look like today, I am committed to speaking nothing but positivity into the life of (name of the relative)

10. (Name of relative) is a child of God

11. (Name of relative) is moving into a new season

12. (Name of relative) has already broken the chains of the things holding (him/her) back

13. (Name of relative) is covered and protected and safe. No harm will come (his/her) way

14. Even in the midst, of what (name of relative) is going through, (he/she) is shown favor and is a beacon of love and light to each and every person (he/she) encounters.

15. I will not give up on (name of relative), but I am setting boundaries to protect my mental and emotional health.

16. I am committed to having resources and a support system to help me through this time.

16. (Name of relative) already has an incredible testimony. We are just looking forward to the manifestation of it.

17. I will speak it until I see it.

If you have a loved one struggling with something or just in a tough place in general feel free to leave a ❤️ so I can say a prayer for them and stand in agreement with you over the breakthrough you’re believing for. We’re stronger together. Trust that that breakthrough is on its way! Xoxo -Chels

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