What are you dreaming for today?


Most likely you have already been doing something related to your dream. Maybe in a different place.Maybe in a different way. Maybe with different people. Look for threads of God’s work in your life and how He’s tying them together into your dream. -Holley Gerth

@oprah has one of my favorite quotes, “Everyday, I take a moment of meditation to ask God to use me. Do nothing without intention. Synchronize all that is yours.”

If you’re anything like me, you can relate to that feeling of having varied interests and projects that you feel passionate about. My dream is arriving at a point where one day I look up and see each of them all running alongside one another in perfect harmony.

What are you dreaming for today? Is there a dream that you have that you’re scared to pursue? Is there a dream that you walked away from because you just didn’t think you had what it takes to execute it?

Faith over fear is all about asking ourselves the hard questions. Tapping into the parts of ourselves we’ve tried to lock away. And most importantly, committing to the vision we’ve dreamed of. When I’m feeling completely overwhelmed, I have to remind myself that we’re not in this alone, and I’m trusting God to simply blow me away.

Don’t forget, it all starts in the mind. Instead of seeing yourself where you are, focus on the vision of where you want to be. Get it on paper, write it on a sticky note, make a vision board —whatever it takes for those much needed resets. Hope today’s a great one! Happy Friday guys! Xoxo -Chels ❤️

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