23 Affirmations For Comfort During A Time Of Loss


23 Affirmations For Comfort During A Time Of Loss:

This week’s set of affirmations is especially important to me. I love Southern California. That part of the country is simply magic to me, and I’ve built more good memories there than I can count.

My heart goes out to all the families who have suffered the traumatic loss their homes, loved ones, the devastation to such a beautiful part of the country, and especially to those affected by last week’s shooting.

To my sweet Maddycita and all her friends who spent the last week trying to wrap their minds around the heartbreak of the shooting and then the craziness of having to drop everything to evacuate and get to safety from the fires. I just can’t even imagine... I’m sending so much love to you guys. I pray for complete restoration emotionally and mentally for everyone as well as geographically.

I’m sure I’ll never know all the specifics, but it’s so encouraging to see how all you guys have come together to be there for each other during this time.

Let’s begin.

Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad. (Repeat x 3)

1. I am surrounded by love

2. I am in tune with my emotions

3. I am aware of what I feel

4. I do not downplay what I have been through

5. I am intentional about seeking support

It is okay to not be okay

6. I encourage others and seek encouragement when I need it

7. I attract good things

8. I am resilient

9. I will not live in fear

10. I make good decisions

11. I trust the process

12. I operate from a place of compassion and understanding

13. I care deeply for my friends

14. I am a shoulder to lean on

15. I feel God’s love all around me

16. I believe for the best even when it doesn’t seem to be so from the outside looking in

17. I am here for a reason. My life has a purpose. I embrace my journey

18. I am a beacon of light and hope

19. I accept what I cannot change

20. I release any negative energy or thoughts of despair

21. I am gentle on myself as I heal

22. I seek beauty in the storm

23. I have a heart full of gratitude for all my blessings

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Xoxo -Chels 🌊✨🙏🏿💫