18 Affirmations For Self-Discipline


18 Affirmations For Self-Discipline

1. Whatever didn’t get done yesterday, or needs to get done today, can wait for now. 

2. I am committed to tending to my needs mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

3. It’s okay for me to take the time that is necessary to work on me

4. I will move through this day with a spirit of gratitude

5. I am thankful for another opportunity to be my best self 

6. I am self-aware and in tune with my strengths and weaknesses

7. Today I will be intentional about establishing boundaries and limiting distractions so that I can achieve today’s goals

8. I am in control of how I use my time. Today I will break bad habits

9. I have the willpower to commit to matching my behavior with my desires for the life I want to build

10. I do what I say I am going to do. When I say I am going to do it 

11. I accomplish my tasks and always follow through

12. I always give my best at whatever I do

13. I operate in a spirit of excellence

14. I am well-organized in every area of my life

15. I have the willpower to work through and/or around any challenges the day might bring

16. I can count on myself to do what I need to do and hit my targets

17. I will trust in the Lord to strengthen me in any area that I may fall short

18. I am committed to the purpose God is calling me to and to fulfilling the destiny He has for me

19. I have the discipline to go to Him first in prayer so that I am aligning my goals with His promises for my life


Discipline reaches beyond the scope of achieving our goals on a check list. Discipline is something to be executed in any area that needs structure. I’ll be the first to admit that I miss my targets from time to time, but something like a really solid morning routine to give thanks, speak life into yourself as well as the ones around you, and quiet time to set your intentions for the day is one of the best forms of discipline. 

We all have hopes and dreams but so much of it starts in our minds and idea of self. 

Hope this is useful to someone. It feels pretty good to be back in the groove 😋 Have a great day guys! 

Xoxo -Chels