Coffey Break Chat: Stuck in a rut? 3 Tips To Break Free Of It

Hey guys! 

If you've ever felt like you were stuck in a rut, you also know the feeling of really, really wanting to break free of it. 

Today's Coffey Break Chat is all about what I do when I find myself in a Freaky Friday loop of unfavorable events that get the best of me,  knock me off track, and kill my feel good vibe.

For you, it might be that co-worker that really gets under your skin, a series of events that get the best of you, or even just that weird feeling of being out of sorts. Whatever the source may be, we all get knocked off center from time to time, and it's essential to recognize it when that happens and be proactive about fixing it. 

As I mention in the video, in addition to my three tips, I've also included a link to the meditation I did the other night for a hard reset when nothing else seemed to be working haha

Link here to the meditation + my Coffey Break Chat below!


Peace, love, and sunshine,

Xoxo, Chels

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