Look of the Day 5.31.17 || Date Night On-The-Go

Hey guys!

How ya doin?

To say the least, there's been quite a learning curve transitioning my fashion mindset from the south to the east coast. Now that I'm kind of getting the hang of things, I'm seeing that the cornerstone of my wardrobe is a collection of pieces that layer well and transition from day-to-night easily --throw in long walks, public transportation, random cobblestone roads, and per default, I always seem to be on a bit of a mission. 

Which kind of sucks... since I never really feel fully dressed up without a high heel. There's just something about stepping out in a stiletto that does it for me. Flats don't cut it. 

My current workaround? Carry a bigger bag. The backup shoe is now a must.

Aside from personal style highlights, I'm realizing now more than ever that I look to blogging as a way to stay connected to my loved ones and bring you guys along for this rollercoaster of a ride with me. The gallery below is the perfect example of my ongoing quest (drama I know haha) to find the perfect balance between style an comfort in this new home of mine.

*Warren's the sweetest when it comes to shooting with me on the most random of occasions. Thanks babe. You're the best, seriously :'-)

15 _ P1011098.JPG

Lots of good stuff to come in these summer months ahead. (It's finally trying to warm up!! *Dramatic tears of joy haha) And I'd love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to subscribe and/or comment below! Enjoy!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine,

Xoxo, Chels

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Let's connect!