Take My Hand || Daily Devotional 6.24.16

Hi guys!

I love that today's Jesus Calling started off the way it did. Holding hands is the most classic form of security to me. Whether it was my dad holding my hand when I was little (and now haha), prayer, holding hands with your love, or reaching out for a child's hand as you cross the street, there's a closeness that is immediately transferred once it rests in the palm of another.  Correlating that sense of intimacy and security with our Heavenly Father is such a special way to remind us that depending on Him in each and every situation does not make us weak or immature. It's simply the most natural reflection of connection and trust.  Being an adult is HARD some days, really hard haha Just remember we're not in this thing alone. I hope this is useful for someone. Have a great day you guys! Xoxo -Chels 💋

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