Sunday Share: Growing Up With Miss Jamaica

Diversity Colorism The Coffey Break
Diversity Colorism The Coffey Break

Hey guys,

Happy Sunday! Elle Magazine never seems to disappoint, and short of slipping into a rabbit hole, I wanted to share a great read that dropped into my inbox this afternoon.

Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about colorism, and more importantly, its crippling affects on so many cultures and ethnic groups. Just in case:

Colorism, noun: discrimination against a person of color due to the european standard of beauty (e.g., light skin, thin lips, loosely coiled hair). this condition is most frequently present between those of the same race.

How awesome would it be if we could simply embrace the beauty of our differences and teach our kids to love themselves just as they are from the beginning? This is a huge mission of mine as it relates to the work we do with Mia's Closet. There's not substitute for the empowerment that comes with feeling good about yourself. Link to the original article below:

Growing Up With Miss Jamaica

It took me years to undo the sense that lighter skin was more beautiful.

In an effort to keep from assuming that this topic is common knowledge, I've added a couple of doll test videos to further convey the importance of spreading the word about this topic. So much love to everyone who's contributing to the conversation of raising awareness about this issue.

Peace, Love & Sunshine ~Chels

Kiri Davis: A Girl Like Me. [black doll / white doll experiment ...

Doll Test - YouTube

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