So, yesterday I had a mini-melty. Life is funny. About six months ago, I made a mental note that I had 6 months until my 29th birthday. I failed to continue to add an additional month as time progressed. So essentially, I've been walking around thinking to myself that I have 6 months until my 29th birthday. Right up until yesterday, when it actually hit me.

I don't have six months. I'm right right inside of one month. And I've spent the last 24hrs. trying to figure out how I feel about that. On the one hand, it will be a blessing to see another year. On the other hand, 29 is a totally loaded year for me.

To say the least, I spent the earlier part of my twenties assuming that I would be married by 28, so my vision of the time period was built around my future family (even if that was just me and my husband) in a very abstract way. See the theme here?

So there's this whole idea that people don't plan to fail, it's that they fail to plan, and I guess my retort for that is where does God fit into all that?

See in theory, yes, I could have had a plan. A freaking air tight, knock their socks off kind of plan, professionally, personally, spiritually and so on. But, there's still the reality of God's good and perfect plan. A plan that may not add up to the timeline you or I have preset. So I ask, how does it all work? lol

I'd love for this to be a post that was the reflection of some incredible breakthrough, but the truth is that I'm literally going along for God's ride at this point, and if nothing else, I can honestly say that that has been the most beneficial change in mindset I've had up until now.

That's not to say that I don't still have a vision of what a happy life looks like or that I haven't set goals for myself. It's just that it's exhausting trying to figure out the answers to questions that maybe aren't meant to be answered yet.

Picture your season of whatever it is you're waiting for as a college course. You go to class two times a week. You receive a lecture, projects, etc. from the professor and then midway or at the end of the semester you have exams.

The only thing that matters more than showing up for the exam, is the preparation that goes into, right? If you never read the syllabus, never went to class, never exchanged ideas with fellow classmates, showing up for the exam would almost be a waste of time --short of luck and favor, and trust me, I've been the beneficiary of both on many occasions haha

Nonetheless, that concept of the course is the root behind my overall outlook these days. The professor does not consult with the students about the syllabus prior to putting it together. They just do it, and if they decide to make a change to the curriculum there's a high probability that once again the class will be informed of the change and expected to abide accordingly.

People always say be careful what you ask for, and I think it's for good reason. What if you got that awesome opportunity, or met that once in a lifetime person prematurely? It creates a bit of a pipe dream, but there might be something to be said about trusting that everything is working together for the good of God's timing, even if the reality of it may frecken' suck.

That job, significant other, breakthrough, or whatever, may be the equivalent of the professor standing up in front of everyone the second week of class to announce that you all would be taking the final exam that day. (God forbid. GOD FAHBID! *northeastern mom accent haha)

Chelsea Coffey The Coffey Break Houston
Chelsea Coffey The Coffey Break Houston

Anyway, the trigger behind this was my melty, but this post has been brewing for quite sometime. I just wasn't really ready to talk about it, openly haha The best is yet to come. If you can relate, I'm sending my love your way! Hang in there!

Peace, Love & Sunshine ~Chels