Life You Want Weekend: Day 1 Recap & Highlights

Hey guys!
I was pretty bummed about not being able to go see Oprah this weekend, so you can only imagine my "no shame, I'm so freaking excited!!" response when my friend Magen reached out to see if I wanted to go.
To say the least I entered the Toyota Center with a sense of expectancy and even still, I can't believe the degree in which hearing Oprah speak has exceeded my expectations, so I wanted to make this to share this wth anyone else who would have loved to have been there and couldn't be.
Tweet me, text me, inbox me any requests for today (day 2). I want it to be like you're here with me!
*Sidenote Magen's phone was about to die, so I was going to lend her my mophie extended battery to charge her phone with my mophie, but we went to go grab the swag bags first-- Oprah had custom designed Mophie's in the gift bags!
And the coolest part? Magen was going to get one earlier that day, but passed on it to be smart with her money. Won't He do it... Speak those things that aren't as if they are!!
God is good, and I'm a full on believer of favor!
Stay tuned and enjoy!
Peace, Love & Sunshine, Chelsea

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