LOOK OF THE DAY 10.16.2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Absolute Comfort







Growing up in the 90's, I can distinctly remember admiring the fashion sense of the fashionable women within my sphere of influence: my mom, TLC, Aaliyah, etc. And to be honest, I think the sentiment of that nostalgia is carried over to my personal style when it comes to urban looks. Believe it I've had this sweater for an unbelievable amount of time, 5th grade maybe? The harem pants were simply a great find years ago and the boots are a classic story of falling in love with a shoe. I initially passed on them because they were out of my price range only to come across a picture of them in my phone moths later and call DSW. Not only did they still have them but they were on SALE!!! I got these bad boys for a deduction of 70's off the original price! God is real haha

Thursday's are my busiest day out of the week per default. Let's see how I manage pulling together a look comfortable enough for social media work at the salon, cute enough for dinner and clean cut enough for a political fundraiser...

Have a great day! Peace, Love & Sunshine -Chelsea

Song of the Day: Doo Wop That Thing by Lauryn Hill