LOOK OF THE DAY 10.2.2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Like Water for Chocolate

IMG_8200 IMG_8199 IMG_8201 IMG_8202

IMG_8203With the exception of a quick run to tutor one of my favorite fourth graders and stop by the grocery store to get flour for my oatmeal raisin cookies, was a working from home on my laptop kinda day. This look had just enough going on to send me out the door with a little pep in my step. I'm a big believer in dressing beyond your mood, so whether you're feeling on top of the world or down in the dumps, I always remind myself that a little bit goes a long way.

Actually, In all honesty, it wasn't so much the outfit that did it for me (obviously haha) So, Lauren London is now a character on BET's hit show The Game, and from the moment she entered the scene in a recent episode, I knew that the lipstick she was wearing had to have been Ruby Woo! Kudos to Mac for doing such a fantastic job designing that stunning shade of red with a hint of blue. The only downside for me is the fact that that bad boy is nearly impossible to get on without a slick aide. Fortunately, I have the perfect solution! This may come as a surprise, but Wet N' Wild has the most perfect assortment of matte colors, and their Stoplight Red is the ideal compliment. To create the lip color above, I apply a thin layer of Stoplight Red to  both my top and bottom lips, followed up by lining my lips with Ruby Woo and then filling in my bottom lip a slight bit with more of the Ruby Woo. The result is the bold color shown above. Hope this is useful for you guys! Although I don't wear much makeup, I consider myself a master mixer when it comes to blending lip colors. It's taken me quite sometime to figure the science behind getting right, but it got it! haha Have a great day!

Peace, Love & Sunshine -Chelsea

Song of the Day: The Light- Common