Look of the Day 9.18.2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday

6 Chelsea Coffey 9.18.2013

8 Chelsea Coffey 9.18.2013Yesterday was crazy busy, so I needed a look that would transition well from day to night. A lightweight black blazer and heel always seem to do the trick for me. 

01 Chelsea Coffey 9.18.2013

9 Chelsea Coffey 9.18.2013

These shoes epitomize my dreams of one day being old enough to wear pieces from my mom's closet. I liked them so much she just gave them to me when I was old enough. I'll be hanging on to these forever ❤

02 Chelsea Coffey 9.18.2013 There's a constant conversation about the rate that technology is advancing. Between amazingly sophisticated cameras and even more incredible editing programs, there seems to be an unbelievably beautiful crop of images to benchmark against. I recently got a DSLR, and I cherish it dearly; however,  I couldn't help but be charmed by our attempts to catch these Look of the Day shots with our iPhones late last night. There's a certain nostalgia for me any time I see a grainy photo. It's like a quick throwback to 1999; long before I had access to the frills of filters and other image enhancers.   Ya, the lighting was bad, our phones were dying, the flash was giving out... it was a mess haha Nonetheless though, my sweet boyfriend had a great attitude and was able to catch a few shots worth sharing. Excuses are for jokers, right? The weekend's almost here. Hang in there! Peace, Love & Sunshine -Chelsea