Tomboy Tuesday

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tomboy Tuesday

1 8:20:13Some days everything goes right, and when I'm fortunate enough to come across one of those, I don't take it lightly. I've coined my favorite day of the week "Tomboy Tuesday" because it seems I always have something sporty/casual on. Tuesday's look was inspired by my sudden urge to deep condition my hair. It had been gray and rainy outside most of the afternoon, so it was the perfect kinda day to bust out a kufi to conceal my conditioning hair and hit the road.

3 8:2013

My shower cap was totally hidden. The only giveaway was the crunchy sound it would make whenever someone would touch my head... hahaha evidently that happens a lot btw

2 8:20:13My Nike Dunk Shy High sneaker wedges have become a utility shoe for me. Ironically, actually kind of like that they match so few of the pieces in my closet. I just have fun with them and throw them on with whatever.

4 8:20:13

Check out my current jam below. Hope everyone's doing well!

Peace, Love & Sunshine -Chelsea