Look of the Day 4.2.2013

Hey all! This post is long overdue. Thankfully, a friend has finally bullied me into posting my outfits on a daily basis lol She especially emphasized the need to itemize the outfit... In all honesty, that part will be tough. Forgive me if I  simply cannot remember where I purchased something.  I pretty much have to fight the urge to not purchase something that would be the 'perfect addition to my beloved wardrobe wherever I go. Whether it be a ring, top, jumper, pair of shoes... et al. Something  always seems to catch my eye when I'm out...the shame.

Nonetheless! I will do my best to keep up with this, and hopefully someone will be inspired from time to time :-)

Stay Stylin' & Enjoy! -- Chelsea

April 2, 2013


Earrings: World Market

Sweater: Marshalls

Hand/Arm Candy: Forever 21, thrifted, gifted

High-Waisted Pant: Target

Shoes: Marshalls


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