Introducing - Way Back Wednesdays with @YungCoff!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m excited to present to you the newest addition to the Coffey Break, Way Back Wednesdays! This entry is reserved for times when music is doing too well for only one playlist a week. This rare but adventurous playlist starts with the 1992 hit “Headbanger" by EPMD. For all you out there missing the era of B-Boys and jheri curls, sit back, relax, and listen to Eric and Parish make dollars. 
(Old school Hip Hop) [youtube=]

(Alternative Hip Hop) In my opinion, Maniac by Kid Cudi featuring Cage is his finest work. This song chronicles the inner battle that kid cudi faces on a daily basis. No matter how positive the rapper stays,pieces of the torment he went through as a child seep into his music. He samples St. Vincent a melodic indie rock band that’s puts an eerie twist to the track, but simultaneously calms the mood. [youtube=]

(Alternative) Foster the People gained initial success with their smash hit “Pumped up Kicks” back in 2011. The group’s ability to develop an atmospheric and Psychadelic pop/ dance sound allows them to draw attention from various demographics. The track I’m sharing with you all today is called Houdini, enjoy!  [youtube=]

(Electronic/ Dance) One artist that fellow Coffey Breaker, Chandler, has included on multiple playlists is Madeon. The 18 year old French Dj has the ability to create music that evokes positive emotions. The track I chose to add to this list is “The City”  [youtube=]

(Retro R&B) There were few female R&B groups as iconic to the 90’s as TLC. While watching one of my favorite movies last night, Step Brothers, I realized that the police chief regularly uses TLC hooks in conversation. The last quote he used was “Creep, creep.” Which reminded me about one of this band’s most popular tracks.  [youtube=]  

This concludes the first edition of Way Back Wednesday! So as always Keep Calm and Coffey Break On! -Elliot