The Woman Behind the H&M You Know & Love

Nicole Christie: The Woman Behind the H&M You Know & Love

This may appear to be an ode to Nicole Christie, and I don't know that I can argue anything short of that. H&M's brilliance and commitment to redefining norms clearly extends beyond their clothing! Nicole Christie is a refreshing example of someone who can have it all, and still remain humble. I had the pleasure of catching up with the Fashion Star judge, and she offered some great advice to our Coffey Break readers!

Houston has received two H&M's over the course of the last two months, and Houstonians couldn't be more excited! We discussed the future of H&M in Houston, how to start a career in fashion and the benefits of getting a college education. Check out the interview below:

[youtube=] Special thanks to Houston Style Magazine and Rebecca Briscoe for the opportunity!