How in the world am I going to survive this flight?! Tips for Traveling

The Countdown Begins!
Okay so I have the attention span of a very mature four-year-old --at best. So, I started doing a little bit of research to help me get through my very, very long upcoming flight to Barcelona.

Check out my favorite suggestions:

-Learn the Valsalva maneuver

-Move around

-Pack a clean pair of underwear, a clean pair of socks, and a clean shirt

-Pack a small pillow and blanket

-Hand sanitizer

-Pain tablets, Sudafed/ benadryl tablets (earache, cold), antacids

-Eye shade/patch (lol, just one?)

-Noise canceling earphones/earplugs

-Face moisturizer cream travel size

-Lip balm *Glozell voice hahaha

See video below:


Peace and blessings. Peace and blessings.

Click the following link. This is the  most comprehensive list long flight survival tips I could find: