Transitioning Tips

Some prefer "The Big Chop". Some prefer to transition. I fell into team transition. Here are my tips on how to make the process a lot easier!

The sites below have a million recommendations, but here are a few tips I learned along the way regarding transitioning:

1. At the earliest stage of transitioning, like when your relaxed hair is still long, the best thing to do is comb out your hair while it's still dry with a wide tooth comb before washing, plait your entire head (maybe 6 or 8, the site said 16-20 but I thought that was way too many. I do 6.), and actually wash your hair in the braids. I know it sounds crazy! Some people are like how can it really get clean if it's in a plait...but whatever haha just trust me on that one, you can't rip your hair out if it's in plaits.

*I've never tried the diluting the shampoo thing but all the reviews rave about it! -->

2. No blow dryers! It's really important to let it air dry or sit under the dryer (still plaited). Both hair types (relaxed/natural) are really fragile at this time.

3. Don't use a wig brush on your hair while transitioning. The biggest help to me of late has been my super thick wide tooth comb. Each tooth is like a fifth of an inch wide and the teeth are even kind of fat. The good thing about this is that it kind of runs past tangles, so you aren't ripping your hair out.

4. I used to think my hair had to be completely detangled and combed out before flat ironing, but now, I save the knots for after I have straightened my hair. It's kind if hard to explain, but basically once it's dry, I flat iron it and if I come across a knot, I don't mess with it until the hair around it is completely straight. It practically slides right off!

5. Take your vitamins --just get a really good multi-vitamin that focuses on hair.

6. Drink a lot of water. 4 bottles a day.

7. Eat a lot of natural/fresh foods: veggies, fruits, etc