21 Affirmations To Get The Day Off On the Right Start When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed


21 Affirmations To Get The Day Off On the Right Start When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed: 

Imagine yourself in the place that makes you feel the safest, the happiest, the freest. You’re completely taken away daydreaming your way through every detail of the visión you have for your life.

See yourself light-hearted, carefree, and at ease. Everything you’re believing for it making its way to you.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe out. 

Let’s begin.

1. In this moment, I embrace the present. I acknowledge that I feel overwhelmed. I rebuke any feelings of anxiety. I rebuke any feelings of self-doubt, insecurity. This is temporary. 

2. I am not hindered by my past

3. I am not anxious about the future 

4. I am on a path beautifully designed just for me

5. Anxiety has no control over me

6. Anxiety has no place in my body, heart, or mind.

7. Anxiety will not manifest physically. It does not affect my health. It does not affect my sleep. 

8. Any side effects of anxiousness stop right now in this moment. 

9. I am confident in my ability to find my center and diffuse any feelings of anxiousness that try to derail my day. 

10. I speak positivity into my life not out of fear, but from a place of confidence that all things are working together for my good.

11. Anxiety does not control me.

12. I rebuke any feelings of unrest or uncertainty.

13. I do my best. 

14. I embrace my gifts. 

15. I am here for a reason. 

16. I am walking in the fullness of all that God has for me. 

17. I have a blessed life

18. I am filled with peace and calm

19. I find joy in the most beautiful and unexpected ways

20. I am free from anxiety

21. I trust the process. I embrace my journey.  I rest easy in the confidence of knowing that everything I’m believing for is already making its way to me. 

You may be soaking wet, but if you look closely, you’ll find the deepest, most sacred part of your dream is still dry. That’s because it’s protected not by you, but by the one who placed it there in the first place. The Dream Giver is also the Dream Keeper.

Perhaps that’s the heart of what dreaming really is —the receiving of what comes and making it part of something more than we thought it could be. -Holley Gerth

Hope this resonated with y’all. Lord knows I needed it. Happy Tuesday guys! Xoxo -Chels 💋

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