29 Affirmations To Feel Confident In Your Work/Job

29 Affirmations To Feel Confident In Your Work/Job

Hey guys! Good morn ☺️ So today is special for a number of reasons. This day 3 years ago, I packed up my things to move to NYC, annnd we’re exactly two months away from our wedding!! 😝

As I look back over the last three years I’m reminded of how much I leaned into positive self-talk and affirmations to make it through that first part of my move. 

For me, confidence isn’t the absence of fear.  Its about recognizing it and doing whatever it takes to push past it. 

I find that more than anything else, my work drives me to affirmations. It can be a new client, a set of projects that I’m given that I’m insecure about, or trying to find a new job/client. 

I’ll look up at some point feeling completely overwhelmed and step away to do speak life into the situation, even if I already did affirmations that morning because resets are so important for me. 

When you feel things falling apart, or you’re getting down on yourself, or you have an exchange where someone tries to tear you down it’s crucial to repel that negative energy. 

Yesterday, I had major writer’s block. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m a copywriter.) And after an hour it finally occurred to me to pray. To ask God to be my thoughts, my words, and then believe it or not, I got in front of the mirror and affirmed everything I felt insecure about. 

I left there supercharged and hit the ground running because I had renewed my mind to see the best in myself and my potential. 

I’m not sure what work looks like for you today, but take the time to remind yourself of all that God has for you. Your talents. Your gifts. The things that make you uniquely you. 

Let’s begin. 

Envision the grandest version of yourself. Bold, confident, and secure. Whatever needed to get done yesterday or needs to get done today can wait for now. 
Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad. (Repeat x3)

1. I am here to do great things.

 2. I am smart.

 3. I am successful. 

4. I use wisdom in my day to day decisions. 

5. I am confident in my ability to perform above what it expected of me and what I expect of myself .

 6. I make things happen. 

7. I am dependable. 

8. I am trust-worthy. 

9. I am reliable. 

10. I am sought out for my skill and expertise.

11. I am building a portfolio and resume that I am proud of. 

12. I am sought out for guidance and direction because of my unique ability to see things from a fresh perspective.

13. I trust the timing of my life. 

14. I have clarity on my current and future goals. 

15. I am intentional about how I use my time.

16. Creating solutions come naturally to me. 17. I attract success and opportunity. 

18. I am attract the right people and opportunities in my life. 

19. I am passionate about achieving my dreams. 

20. I celebrate the wins big and small. 

21. I have gratitude for my work because it is helping me build a life I love.

22. I operate from a place of sincerity, gratitude, and compassion. 

23. There is an abundance of every good thing flowing through my life. 

24. I embrace my journey. There are no missed opportunities. Everything in my life is in perfect flow.

25. I effortlessly attract new resources, new ideas, and new revenue streams. 

26. Success is all around me.  

27. I am inspired by the work I do.

28. I start each day eager to get to work. 

29. God synchronize all that is mine and give me whatever I need to work as a reflection of you. 

Chelsea Coffey