Hello July 💕 || 3 Things to carry into the third quarter. 

💞 We're officially halfway through the year, and this morning's devotion was right on time. There was too much good to not share. Enjoy!  

  1. Your response to God's promptings will make or break you. It may seem unsafe or insane, but if you stay in the boat, you'll never take that leap of faith to walk on water.
  2. When God keeps something from happening, we don't know how to thank Him because we don't know what He did. But someday, He'll reveal the invisible answers, and we'll praise him for them. 
  3. Praying hard starts with listening to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. And if you are faithful in the small things and obey those little promptings, then God can use you to do big things 💕

This walk seems to be an ongoing cycle of crazy leaps of faith and hand holding, another leap of faith and the hand holding resumes, and so on... At some point, the parent lets go of the bike and there goes their baby racing full speed ahead all on their own. 

Pray intentional prayers and trust your gut regardless of what stage of the cycle you're in. All things are working together for the good. We just have to wholeheartedly commit to believing that all things are working together for the good 🙏🏾❤️🌞 ~Chels 

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Book: The Circle Maker